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The WealthQuotient articles is focused on topics that help professionals and fundraisers engage with the high and ultra high net worth population. With insights on how they think, act and invest to tips on how to turn them into paying clients and donors. 

Implications of the "Great De-Urbanization" of the United States


I sent the email last year to our landlord for 21 West End Avenue, a luxury high-rise on the upper west side in Manhattan, where we leased an apartment on the 47th floor.

The email was invoking an early termination rider for our lease that I had negotiated the previous year as part of the renewal process. Our family of four encapsulates and was the precursor for the trend that I am now calling the “Great De-Urbanization” of America driven by COVID -19.

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4 growth strategies from a financial adviser's playbook


One way financial advisers grow their business is by expanding their wallet share of clients' existing assets. Drawing ideas from a financial adviser's playbook, here are a few tactics agents can use.

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Social Capital: A Valuable Client Asset to Manage


Many financial advisors are reporting accelerated client acquisition in 2020 - with many even seeing record years - despite the economic hardships wrought by the pandemic.

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Prospecting high-net-worth clients? Avoid these 3 massive mistakes


When it comes to high-net worth markets, referrals are one of the only paths for accessing top clients. As an agent, what mistakes are you making when asking for referrals? Here's how to diagnose the problems and a few ways to fix them.

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These best practices for winning quality prospects won't work unless you move beyond your fears


When I spoke at the Barron's 2019 Team Summit, I did my own informal survey of the 200 or so advisors in the room, asking them to raise their hands if a majority of their new clients cam through referrals.

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Luxury retailers should leverage COVID-19 to deepen relationships with key clients while pivoting


Several years ago, at a luxury conference in Monaco, Richemont chairman Johann Rupert made headlines when he annouced that his biggest fear was around robots.

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APRA WQ Whitepaper on Reassessing Prospect Identification


Why capacity and propensity are not enough and the rise of the assessibility factor.

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Knight Frank Wealth Report - Article and Quote


Arguably, the new world of transparency is evolving towards something rather like the system of streelights installed at the end of the 19th century: in illuminating all deeds, fair and foul alike, the light drives the more disreputable acts further and furhter into the shadows.

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Luxury Market Report


Welcome to the Luxury Market Report, you guide to luxury real estate market data and trends for North America. Produced monthly by The Insistute for Luxury Home Marketing, this report provides an in-depth look at the top residential markets across the United States and Canada.

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Concierge Auctions Podcast Interview


Today's new luxury consumers are changing the way we think of wealth. As the amount of millionaires and billionaires continues to grow at a rapid pace, the luxury market has more power than ever before. These new wealthy consumers view the responsibility of money in an entirely new way, and much of the thinking about how the wealthy behave is changing.

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Luxury in 2018: Special Outlook Edition


The outlook for luxury consumers in 2018 is bright: the rich are getting richer. The challenge for luxury marketers is how to get them to spend more.

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What can we learn from the most expensive sale in the US?


Over the past several weeks, the news has reported the recent $238 million Central Park South Penthouse purchase by hedge fund magnate Ken Griffin, founder of Citadel, as breaking the record for the highest residential luxury real estate purchase in history.

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Realm aims to make elite real estate agents more efficient by forging connections


Real estate has traditionally operated in brand silos, but a new data-driven community intends to help luxury agents find opportunities that exist beyond their own client lists.

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Luxury Buyers


If you’re seeking an expert on how a high-net-worth consumer thinks, and their decision-making process before they make a purchase, then David Friedman, co-founder of WealthQuotient, is your guy. He’s been studying the habits of buyers with a certain amount of money for years, and he’s turned that study into a lucrative business helping salespeople of all stripes (including real estate agents) connect with those buyers.

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How To Be As Happy As A Billionaire? Hint: Be Happy Before Becoming One


There’s a Mega-Millions lottery winner. The winner’s taking is $1.537 billion. With that South Carolina just doubled its number of billionaires. Now there are two.

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How to Talk to Wealthy Clients


David Friedman created the world’s leading database of ultra-high-net-worth consumers — as a result, he’s essentially the world’s leading expert on the ultra-affluent and, in particular, how to talk to them. “Everybody has existing relationships, whether it’s with friends or people you work with,” Friedman notes.

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How will stock market volatility affect luxury consumption?


Global stock markets have been taking a tumble, as volatile trading threatens to eat away at the net worth and investment assets of affluent individuals.

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How will the asset-less millennials view luxury?


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Booming stock market has led to rise in affluents’ confidence


Since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, the stock market has been on a steady incline, which in turn has given wealthy consumers the confidence to increase their spending.

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Go beyond data to curate bespoke, memorable events


NEW YORK – An event-planning trap that much of the luxury industry falls into is hosting over-the-top experiences for the wrong audience and hoping for an ROI.

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