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The World's First Global Billionaire Network Map

How Jupiter works:

Imagine having insight into the relational networks of every billionaire on the planet as well as their interconnectivity.

Subscribing Organizations will have the ability to chart referral paths to access these extremely hard to reach billionaires through their 1M+ first degree connections the WealthQuotient research team is mapping.

This dataset of 1M people is being manually curated by the WealthQuotient research team through every public and open data source available.

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There are approximately 3200 Billionaires across the world. This dataset supported by the WealthQuotient methodology will provide a referral path to effectively access, engage & market to your organizations’ target billionaire prospects.

Michael Bloomberg’s WealthGraph - Sample Relational Network Data Connections

Use Cases:


✓ Subscribers can identify referral paths to billionaires by cross-referencing relationships and CRM data with Jupiter's dataset of thousands of billionaires and their 1 million+ first-degree connections.

✓ Leverage existing billionaire relationships by tapping into their wider network of billionaire and ultra-high-net-worth connections.

What You Get:


✓ Relational Network Mapping & Financial Qualification of connections

✓ Access to private cloud dashboard

✓ API to Salesforce & HubSpot

Additional On-Demand Services:


✓ Philanthropic Giving Data

✓ Passion, Hobbies & Interests

✓ Jet ownership details

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