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Relational Mapping

Uncover Your Real Target Market

WealthQuotient relational mapping identifies the totality of your accessible target market.  We manually identify the qualified prospects in the relational networks of your clients, donors and other centers of influence. This “inward out” mapping ensures the prospects we identify are simply a referral request away and represents your organizations lowest hanging fruit.

The “WHY” Behind our Relational Mapping


Typical Approach


✓ Relational Mapping is usually tied to an inefficient “outward in” approach

 After identifying prospects out in the world who have capacity and propensity (wealth screens, rich lists, liquidity events, etc.) most organizations map back to see if they have a connection to these “prospects”

 Relational connections seldom exist when mapping is done in this manner

The WealthQuotient Approach


 Our mapping is done from an efficient "inward out" approach

✓ Instead of starting with prospects and hoping there is a connection to them, we start by identifying your best referral sources (HUBS)

✓ We map the relational connections of your HUBS as we know they will be filled with qualified prospects

✓ Mapping “inward out” ensures you identify prospects whom you can efficiently access

Relational mapping process and deliverables:

Identify your “HUBS”

Our mapping process starts by walking you through the filters you need to identify your HUBS.  Each Prospect Portfolio is built around 10 HUBS.

Uncover HUBs Network

Our research team starts by manually excavating the relational networks of your HUBS, including their companies, corporate and philanthropic boards as well as their clubs, associations and the friendships that are visible via public sources.

Financially Qualify

We then financially qualify each individual in their network and identify who are billionaires, ultra high net worth ($30M net worth+) and high net worth ($5M net worth +).

Rank Relational Strength

Based on a specific set of rules and assumptions we provide a best guess assessment on the strength of each relational connection.

Portfolio Delivery

We then deliver the prospect portfolio to you and each portfolio will conservatively produce between 150-250 high and ultra high net worth connections.

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