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At WealthQuotient, we learn from top professionals in their fields to discuss best practices when engaging with the ultra affluent population and share our findings with you. 

Podcast Interview with Diane Hartley from Institute for Luxury Home Marketing



Inman Connect: Webinar on Using Customer Surveys to Build Referrals



Hindsight Panel on the Future of Commercial Real Estate


Non-political factors that drive international investment in real estate such as currency, financing, ease of money transfer, taxes, etc.


Building Pipeline Post Pandemic
With John Thiel and David Friedman


Virtual Fireside Chat with Former Head of Merrill Lynch John Thiel on Referrals.


David Friedman On LVMH's Acquisition Of Tiffany & Co.



Becoming a Real Estate Wealth Advisor: Best Practices for Engaging the Wealthy


David Friedman offers step-by-step advice on how to become a trusted wealth advisor for your clients.


Jeff Menaged, CEO of Chief Executive Air

WealthQuotient’s Brian Gonzales sits down with Jeff Menaged of Chief Executive Air. Chief Executive Air is a full service private aviation company based in New York City.


Sterling Shea, Global Head of Wealth & Asset Management, Dow Jones

WealthQuotient’s David Friedman sits down with Sterling Shea of Dow Jones. Dow Jones brings together world-leading data, media, membership and intelligence solutions to power the most ambitious companies and professionals.