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The WealthQuotient Online University by Brian Gonzales and David Friedman is the distillation of over a decade of training and working with hundreds of iconic global brands and industry leaders, on how to effectively prospect and close affluent clients and donors.

The challenging and often inefficient process of creating (or growing) a book of high net worth prospects is streamlined and simplified in the WealthQuotient University. Our program gives you everything you need to elevate your level of sales, take control of your prospecting process, and drastically increase your earning potential.


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Uncover your target market by identifying your most accessible and actionable prospects.


Equip yourself with the tools & methodology to build a book of financially qualified prospects.


Define and monitor proper KPIs to ensure efficient allocation of your time & resources.

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Created by Brian Gonzales and David Friedman


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With WealthQuotient membership, you gain access to insights and processes used by the most successful individuals and global organizations that will take you from methods that rely on hope and/or luck to a proactive, systematic method for growing your sales (or fundraising) pipeline.