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The WealthQuotient Online University by Brian Gonzales and David Friedman is the distillation of over a decade of training and working with hundreds of iconic global brands and industry leaders, on how to effectively prospect and close affluent clients and donors.

The challenging and often inefficient process of creating (or growing) a book of high net worth prospects is streamlined and simplified in the WealthQuotient University. Our program gives you everything you need to elevate your level of sales, take control of your prospecting process, and drastically increase your earning potential.


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Uncover your target market by identifying your most accessible and actionable prospects.


Equip yourself with the tools & methodology to build a book of financially qualified prospects.


Define and monitor proper KPIs to ensure efficient allocation of your time & resources.

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Created by Brian Gonzales and David Friedman


Get FREE Referral Toolkit


How industry leaders operate


With WealthQuotient membership, you gain access to insights and processes used by the most successful individuals and global organizations that will take you from methods that rely on hope and/or luck to a proactive, systematic method for growing your sales (or fundraising) pipeline.

Access the prospect

Never ask the question ‘How do I get in front of a wealthy prospect?’ again. Our experience has shown us that the overwhelming majority of sales to an affluent prospect come from a trusted referral.

We’ll teach you how to proactively build your business through referrals. Learn to leverage your pre-existing network of relationships in a way that increases relational capital.

Bypass the gatekeepers

The days of cold calling and cold emailing are over. Especially when the prospect is high or ultra high net worth.

By starting your process with defining your accessible network, we walk you through the nuanced approach of bypassing gatekeepers that are so often impossible to get through.

Control your process

The status quo for sales and fundraising professionals is often using prospecting methods that rely on hope or luck, which make it impossible to proactively and systematically grow a book of business.

The WealthQuotient University structures this process by giving you the tools to use and steps to take to grow your business in a far more efficient and lucrative manner.

Schedule more meetings with millionaire prospects


For sales & fundraising professionals


Get FREE Referral Toolkit

Stay ahead of the competition

In addition to the course content, we provide members with the tools, training and resources needed to become an industry leader and stay there.

KPI Dashboard

Never feel like you’re not in complete control again. Save time, understand the process, and watch your earnings grow.

Each WealthQuotient University member will get access to our system which allows you to store and manage prospects, and gives you a clear, actionable step by step process for each individual prospect.

Relational Mapping

Understand your accessible network. Referrals are the #1 way to ensure efficient growth and our mapping represents your lowest hanging fruit and a heatmap for allocation of resources.

WealthQuotient’s research team manually identifies the qualified prospects directly connected to your existing relationships.

Bespoke engagements

You don’t get a second chance for a first impression. Engaging with the affluent segment of the population requires a personalized approach, so let us help you prepare for your most important interactions.

Through webinars, group sessions and individual support, we can help you walk into every meeting you have confident and prepared to accelerate chemistry and trust.

Continued learning

We want you to make it to the top and keep you there. In the ever-evolving world of prospecting with the affluent population, we make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

Through member only webinars, interviews with industry leaders, and private groups, we give you access to content that is designed to keep you at the top of your industry.





"One of the benefits of working with WealthQuotient is the ability to expand our pipeline. We need to double the size of our pool of principal gift prospects from 2018-2019, and we have made progress doing so using WealthQuotients methodology... We are raising the most money we have ever raised as an organization. This is the perfect time to work with WealthQuotient because the economic conditions are perfect."




"WealthQuotient has been extremely helpful for us. In the past when we've looked to create lists of targets for new customer acquisition, we've always done the traditional approach of doing database subscriptions and very unstructured market research. WealthQuotient's methodology gives us a clear roadmap about how to go about researching prospects and identifying them, but done in the context of how are you going to get in front of them. I can't imagine how much business we've left on the table over the last twenty years before taking this approach."




"As a real estate broker in a very competitive international marketplace, it's always been key for me to figure out a way for me to set myself apart. I've had a long standing relationship with WealthQuotient, and using their methodology and their processes have helped me elevate my level of business and also create new referrals and help me engage my market on a much higher level than I've been able to before."

About Brian & David

David Friedman


Serving as the foundation and springboard for launching WealthQuotient, David was most recently the co-founder and former president of Wealth-X, the world’s first and only global wealth data and intelligence platform serving the top global brands in luxury, financial services and non-profit organizations. David has emerged as one of the world’s leading experts on the global ultra affluent market and his opinions on a broad range of topics involving the ultra-wealthy have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, Investment News, CNBC and The Telegraph and he has had frequent appearances on various news programs including the BBC, FOX, CNN and Bloomberg.

Brian Gonzales


Before launching WealthQuotient, Brian served as the Managing Director and Head of Sales at Wealth-X and worked with the top global brands in luxury, financial services, non-profit and higher education. Brian has emerged as one of the world’s leading experts on ultra high net worth engagement as he has helped implement proactive and systematic strategies for organizations across these different industry sectors. He is a trusted and sought after strategist and has spoken at countless conferences on how to better understand and engage this elusive audience.